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Think you are a movie buff?

In order to qualify as one, then you need to have watched all the movies on this list: 1.     The Godfather     1972 2.     The Godfather: Part II     1974 3.     The Godfather: Part III     1990 4.     Citizen Kane     1941 5.     Vertigo     1958 6.     Casablanca     1942 7.     Psycho     1960 8.     Raging Bull     1980 9.     Notorious     1946 10.     …

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List of Mind F**k Movies.

Here is my personally curated list of what I would call Mindfuck movies. These are movies that mess with your mind. They have strange endings, or twists, or suspense. Just a great list of good movies to watch. Please wait while populates the list.

Sadie Belly Dancer.

I’ve always admired belly dancing. However, Sadie, is simply top-notch. She’s up there in the great ranks. The percussion drums and her movements are intricately timed. No need to say anything more. See her performance below. Here is her official website, and here is her bio.

Vintage Jazz…

I love Vintage Jazz. For some reason PTA had asked ISPs to block – perhaps one of the most famous Internet Radio Stations aggregation websites on the Internet. I then found out this was because the Balachistan Liberation Army (BLA) had a couple of radio broadcasts on it (not anymore) and the government wanted …

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