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Think you are a movie buff?

In order to qualify as one, then you need to have watched all the movies on this list: 1.     The Godfather     1972 2.     The Godfather: Part II     1974 3.     The Godfather: Part III     1990 4.     Citizen Kane     1941 5.     Vertigo     1958 6.     Casablanca     1942 7.     Psycho     1960 8.     Raging Bull     1980 9.     Notorious     1946 10.     …

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List of Mind F**k Movies.

Here is my personally curated list of what I would call Mindfuck movies. These are movies that mess with your mind. They have strange endings, or twists, or suspense. Just a great list of good movies to watch. Please wait while populates the list.

Vintage Jazz…

I love Vintage Jazz. For some reason PTA had asked ISPs to block – perhaps one of the most famous Internet Radio Stations aggregation websites on the Internet. I then found out this was because the Balachistan Liberation Army (BLA) had a couple of radio broadcasts on it (not anymore) and the government wanted …

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