Cool / Weird / Interesting / Bizzare Websites

Dead Man’s Switch

  Dead Man’s Switch is a really cool service. It makes sure you are alive, by sending you an email and you have to click on the link to verify you are alive. If not, then whatever you have emailed them, will be sent out as per your instructions.  

Learn to Code.

  Computer programming (or coding) is one of the largest subject fields in the world. Millions of programmers code away to give you apps for your desktop and mobile. Developing countries have jumped on to this bandwagon years ago to alleviate themselves out of poverty and provide their citizens access to a very robust economy …

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Your Resume in 60 Seconds or Less.

Came across this really neat app. Its called the Resume Builder from LinkedIn Labs. It uses your LinkedIn profile to build your resume. You can save it as PDF as well as choose from a couple of neat templates they have. Do give it a try, I am sure you will find it helpful.

List of Mind F**k Movies.

Here is my personally curated list of what I would call Mindfuck movies. These are movies that mess with your mind. They have strange endings, or twists, or suspense. Just a great list of good movies to watch. Please wait while populates the list.

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