I know, I’m a little late in the game, but I think, between Buffer, and MarsEdit, I have finally found the complete toolset for blogging and updating my various social media and publishing streams.  The life saver is definitely MarsEdit. Almost an all in one collaborative tool for publishing out to your various …

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The MCBLite Experience.

MCBLite as offered by MCB Mobile Payments, part and parcel offering by MCB Bank is a mobile eWallet that is ubiquitous to the bank and the mobile carrier. It is termed by MCB as the World’s 1st Socially Connect Mobile Wallet powered by VISA.   

Dead Man’s Switch

  Dead Man’s Switch is a really cool service. It makes sure you are alive, by sending you an email and you have to click on the link to verify you are alive. If not, then whatever you have emailed them, will be sent out as per your instructions.  

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