Check 21 Processing

Are you looking for Check 21 Processing for your country?

Check 21 extends beyond the borders of the United States. Today, 100,000s of customers in countries like Israel, Mexico, Jordan and various other countries in Latin America process Check 21 payments (drawn on US banks).

Tourists, students, and families often have a huge demand for US foreign exchange in their home countries. Check 21 is a common way to cut out a US Bank Check in a foreign country and have it cashed out.

We provide money transfer companies and money exchange companies overseas with Check 21 processing solutions.

Whether you are in Israel, Mexico (two of the largest markets) or any other non-sanctioned, low-risk country, desiring to do Check 21 processing and are looking for a bank and a Check 21 Processor, we can help.

To understand Check 21 Processing, read the article: Opportunities in Check 21 Processing for Remittances (Money Transfer)

If you are a licensed money exchange / money transfer company overseas and are processing a large volume of US Checks via Check21, talk to us. We can help.

We understand how difficult it has become to find a Check21 processor who is engaged in Check21 processing for international money exchange / money transfer companies.

We work with Check 21 Money Exchange companies and Money Transfer Operators who have a rock-solid KYC program in place (including biometric capture) thorough Anti-Money Laundering policies in place and can provide a steady stream of volume to be processed.

If you are such a company, talk to us and find out how we can help your Check 21 Remittance / Check 21 Money Transfer business.

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