Check21 International Processing

Check21 International Processing

Are you a money transfer or money exchange company looking for Check21 international processing services? We can help!

Whether your business operates in Israel, Mexico, Jordan or Latin America, Check21 processing makes it convenient and efficient for you to service your clients and customers.

Why Choose Check 21 International Processing?

Check21 provides vast benefits to both money transfer companies and their customers. By providing access to any US account, this payment method is not only fast and efficient but also convenient for customers who wish to send money abroad without the hassle. Check21 also services accounts that ACH payments do not like credit unions, savings and loans accounts, business accounts, and credit card checking accounts.

Check21 is one of the preferred methods of processing payments and allows a customer outside the US to cash in a US bank check. There are many Opportunities in Check21 Processing for Remittances (Money Transfer) companies who serve customers in other countries. Check21 international processing allows parents to send money to their children who might be studying in Latin America, or relatives who live in Mexico or Israel. 

As a money service business, Check21 enables you to provide this efficient service to your customers thus earning their loyalty and business.

Check21 International Processing Made Possible!

Becoming a processor capable of managing Check21 payments can be a complicated process. This is why we are here!

Working with Check21 Money Exchange companies and Money Transfer Operators, we can provide you with a steady stream of volume to be processed. All our partners have solid KYC programs in place (including biometric capture) and thorough Anti-Money Laundering policies. 

If you are a licensed money exchange / money transfer company and are processing a large volume of US Checks via Check21, talk to us. We can help.

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