Consulting Rates


Unit Price


Hourly Consulting Fees US$ 750
8-Hour Day Consulting Fees US$ 2,800 (includes 1 hour lunch)
1 Week 8-Hour Day Consulting Fees US$ 17,500 5 Day Week/ 1 hour lunch per day
Monthly Retainer Consulting Fees US$ 6,400 Limited to 15 Hours
3-Monthly Retainer Consulting Fees US$ 9,500 3-Month Minimum
6-Monthly Retainer Consulting Fees US$ 7,500 6-Month Minimum
Travel/Daily Allowance US$ 300
Group Surveys Personalized US$ 500 Per Hour
Training Varies Please ask for Quote
Market Research/Reports (Associates involved only) US$ 150 Per Hour
Professional Networking US$ 750 Per Hour


Faisal Khan & Company requires pre-payment on all consulting assignments.
3-Monthly and 6-Monthly Retainer Consulting Fees is limited to 35 Hours per month.

Commercial services offered on this website (like specialized referral services, do not come under the umbrella of consulting rates). Those are priced separately.