Money Transfer, Banking & Licensing Services

Money Transfer, Banking & Licensing Services for Your Business

One of the predominant reasons visitors access this page is because they are looking for one (or all) of the three things:

  • Understand how licensing, specifically money transmitter licensing in the US works (read this article on understanding what your US Money Transmitter License Options are)
  • Seeking a Bank that will work with them because you might be an MSB &/or a Bitcoin company and you cannot seem to find a bank that will open a bank account for you.
  • You are looking for unique (but legal) options on how to obtain money transmitter license coverage for your business.

Congratulations! You’ve found the right place!

Below are the most commonly requested queries. Please feel free to browse through them in detail. Chances are most of your question(s) are already answered.

MSB Friendly Bank / Bank Account for MSBs / MTOs

If you are looking for access to banking, i.e. a bank account for your money services business (MSB) &/or money transfer operator (MTO) business, then please click on the link below:

Money Transmitter License: US Remittance & Payments Solution

If you would like to obtain money transmitter license coverage (for all 50 US States) for your startup or fintech company in the US, but without going the Authorized Delegate route or applying for your own Money Transmitter Licenses, then you might want to consider becoming an Agent of a nationally chartered US bank (who are exempt from money transmitter licenses). The following link explains more on how we can help you obtain Bank-led money transmitter license exemption.

Access to US Money Market

If you are looking at doing business in the US as a licensed money services business (MSB) or as an entity that requires money transmitter license coverage, then the following links will aid you in understanding the various facets of licensing options that you can exercise within the US:

Money Transfer Solution from USA to Africa

If you are a niche product player in the money transfer space, who would like to specialize in money transfer solution from USA to Africa, please read further:


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