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Global Payments Summit 2017

Working in a Smarter Transaction Space

At GlobalPaymentSummit (GPS) we focus on innovation in the payment/transaction space and share essential top-level expertise! It is proven that companies that exposes employees to outside influences and ideas through attendance at conferences, membership in professional societies, and similar activities can help break down insularity. GPS offers a 2 days “Expert Infusion” that really adds value both in personal and professional development.
When: Mon August 28 09:00 - Tue August 29 18:00
Where: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore.

The Fragmented World of Payments and how FinTech can solve this problem

In association with Fintech Singapore, I'll be giving a talk on the fractured world of payments and how there is a huge opportunity still for fintech startups to solve many of the unsolved problems.
When: Wed August 30 18:30 - 20:30

IMTC (International Money Transfer Conference) Africa 2017

As one of Africa ‘ s leading cities, Nairobi hosts important international conferences and is the home for many embassies, international organizations, corporations and many businesses. The city has a cosmopolitan flair that combines African, Asian, European, and Middle Eastern cultures, with the more than 2.5 million inhabitants. The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, about 13 km (8 m) southeast of the town center vis the main airport in East Africa served by all major airlines. Home to the world’s mobile financial services revolution, the Kenyan experience is a must for all industry participants
When: Wed September 20 09:00 - Fri September 22 17:00
Where: Nairobi, Kenya.