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DYS | Digital Youth Summit 2017

The Digital Youth Summit (DYS) is a tech conference and startup expo that takes place annually in Peshawar, Pakistan. Since its inception in 2014, DYS has quickly become one of the premier tech conferences in Pakistan—differentiated by its focus on youth empowerment; its ability to attract high-profile domestic and international attendees and speakers and its unique venue: Peshawar, which is one of the oldest living cities in the world.

The summit aims to bring together “the next generation of digital innovators in Pakistan” and typically attracts three key audiences: tech industry leaders from Pakistan and abroad, the nascent startup community; and young people looking to network, learn and be inspired. The summit therefore draws participants from the private sector, investors, government, civil society, youth groups and academia. DYS 2017 is organized around three key issue areas: Digital Employment, Tech Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

DYS is a joint initiative of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the World Bank along with key local community and academic partners.
When: Fri May 5 09:00 - Sun May 7 17:00
Where: Peshawar, Pakistan

arabnet Digital Summit 2017

On-demand commerce and omni-channel retail are transforming the way consumers make purchases. The ArabNet Digital Summit will explore the emerging trends and opportunities in e-commerce, e-retail and payments in MENA. It will also dive into the digital transformations taking place in the banking sector, and the fintech innovations that are changing the financial services industry.
When: Tue May 16 09:00 - Wed May 17 17:00
Where: Dubai, UAE

Money 2020 Europe (Copenhagen) 2017

A world-class experience for European innovators across industries and company types, Money20/20 Europe is more than just an event. It’s a catalyst for the growth and development of the payments and financial services ecosystem.

In its first year, Money20/20 Europe welcomed 3,725 attendees, including 500 CEOs, from 1,500 companies and 70 countries. The show featured 422 speakers, over 200 sponsors and more than 100 media partners. Our unparalleled senior audience was comprised of visionaries and luminaries: the people who built the ecosystem, and the people who are disrupting, challenging and changing it. In June 2017, Copenhagen will once again take centre stage as the companies and individuals disrupting how consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money come together at scale.

The payments, financial services and retail sectors are currently experiencing an accelerated period of product development, characterised by technology and regulatory-based disruption. In this new emerging reality, collaboration is the key to survival. Money20/20 Europe is engineered to bring together all the stakeholders with a part to play in the commerce revolution: payments and financial services providers, banks and non-banks, the mobile ecosystem, the retail industry (offline and online), marketing services and data companies, investors, advisory firms and government bodies.
When: Mon June 26 09:00 - Wed June 28 15:00
Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

IMTC (International Money Transfer Conference) Africa 2017

As one of Africa ‘ s leading cities, Nairobi hosts important international conferences and is the home for many embassies, international organizations, corporations and many businesses. The city has a cosmopolitan flair that combines African, Asian, European, and Middle Eastern cultures, with the more than 2.5 million inhabitants. The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, about 13 km (8 m) southeast of the town center vis the main airport in East Africa served by all major airlines. Home to the world’s mobile financial services revolution, the Kenyan experience is a must for all industry participants
When: Wed September 20 09:00 - Fri September 22 17:00
Where: Nairobi, Kenya.