No. Form NameDescription
1Access to Banking Application for Bitcoin ATM & KiosksApplication form for Bitcoin ATM Operators who wish to get access to banking
2Business Expansion: Regulatory POV Questions.A questionnaire to help us learn more about your business expansion plans from a licensing regulatory point of view.
3BYOB: Build Your Own Bank / NeobankApplication form for those wanting to setup some kind of a neo / pseudo bank or similar services
4Contact FormContact form for contacting us
5Cryptocurrency Project FormDetailed application form for capturing the requirements of projects related to the cryptocurrency-related space (sans Bitcoin Operators)
6Money Transfer / Money Transmitter License Regulatory Coverage QuestionnaireDetailed application form for capturing the requirements for getting sponsorship in the United States & Other Countries for money transfer/e-wallet license coverage for your project
7Money Services Business (MSB) Bank Account MSB : United StatesApplication form for getting a business bank account for your USA MSB related operations
8Money Services Business (MSB) Bank Account: Rest of the WorldApplication form for getting a business bank account for your MSB related operations – rest of the world excluding the United States.
9Must-Have US States & Payout CountriesApplication form for the RaaS program to register the ‘must-have’ US states and payout countries
10Project Validator QuestionnaireForm to capture the readiness and validation of your project
11Schedule A CallForm to schedule a conference call with us
12Term Sheet ConsiderationApplication form to document your ‘ask’ as far as a term sheet is concerned
13Payout Countries RaaS CanadaApplication form for Canada RaaS program to register payout countries
14EU & UK Licensing
Application form for EU and UK Licensing solutions
15Understanding your Remittance BusinessA short questionnaire to gain more understanding of the money transfer (remittance) business you would like to start
16Understanding your USA Money Transmitter License RequirementA questionnaire to understand your money transmitter license requirements in the United States
17Bank Account Usage QuestionnaireA questionnaire to understand your bank account requirements and usage

This page was last updated on January 19, 2024.

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