FAQ: Country Specific Solutions

  1. If we go for the Operator Led Model, are we qualified if we request to be connected to MSBs in Asia & other regions?
  2. Would the PLH be entitled to any revenue for intra-Africa (with no tie up agreements necessary) with or without the usage of the SP’s platform?
  3. If we select to sign up for the Web/Mobile platforms for payments originating from the USA (beyond just API), do we have the option to use the SP’s platform for the African corridors?
  4. We do not want to hide the fact that we are a crypto company in Asia; however, for EU, we understand crypto topics could be sensitive to most banks. Thus, we prefer to simply utilize the fiat transaction in EU (via an EMI license holder). Can you please tell us how we could be flexible in this case?
  5. Our model indicates the fact of using crypto transactions in Asia only (not in the EU), and that instead of connecting user to user, we aim to connect merchants (in Asia) to users (in EU) and merchants (in EU) to users (in Asia). Is this model valid?
  6. When you said an office is needed, do you mean we have to incorporate first and rent an office, or just a virtual office (same as the license holder’s office) while there is likely no staff (of us) to work there?
  7. Do we have to hire an accounting firm in the license holder’s country?
  8. How will the new UK/EU integrations affect our pricing?
  9. If we do not intend to establish a company in the US, due to the regulations, taxes, etc. Is it possible to continue to operate from Ecuador, with payment and correspondent agreements given that we comply with all regulations in Ecuador?
  10. Can we start with our Mauritanian company?
  11. What happens under a RaaS program when you want to use a specific provider in the beneficiary country?
  12. Can my company be incorporated outside the United States, even though the RaaS we want is from the US?
  13. Which country/countries is remittance-as-a-service (RaaS) available for?
  14. We want to expand untapped corridors where correspondence arrangements are needed and are not available. Would we be allowed to make a correspondence arrangement with Banks in that territory?
  15. Can you give me more details about payment (payout) countries?
  16. Who is providing the payment rails to the countries we plan to send money to?
  17. I want to get into the remittance business for Nigeria – how do I get started?
  18. What is a list of reasonable payout countries that we can get access to by the solution provider when we are setting up our money transfer business?

This page was last updated on February 7, 2023.

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