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Who is providing the payment rails to the countries we plan to send money to?

For origination of funds you will be using our solution provider.

For payout, you can use your payment rails, provided that they are through licensed entities.

Watch this video to learn more about payment rails.
[91] What is a Correspondent Tie up? & Why is it necessary?

You can use ours or, if you have a licensed partner on the ground, you can use them. But, they MUST have a corresponding tie-up agreement with the principal license holder in the US.

If you wish to use a single entity to then further send remittances to other countries, then this might be the best solution, we call this a tri-party correspondent agreement (which would have additional, one-time referral fees).

You can learn more about what a tri-party correspondent agreement is by watching the video below.

[97] What is a Tri-Party Correspondent Tie-Up Agreement

Tri-Party Correspondent Agreement has an additional referral fees.

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This page was last updated on February 6, 2023.