For your one-time consultation (referral) fee could we ask you for a break on it?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate you on this. Our fees are fixed and are public on this link here. We are the only ones in the industry who actually publish our rates out in the open and do not charge based on the propensity to draw out whatever possible from you. Regretfully, the discount you seek would not be possible.

We do, however, have a schedule to adhere to. If the fee is US$ 28,000 then the breakdown of the fee is as follows:

  • One-time Application Assessment Fees (non-refundable): US$ 1,500 (at the time of signing the referral agreement)
  • For Licensing Coverage: 25% of the agreed amount upon signing of the referral agreement: i.e. US$ 7,000 (refundable 100% if no approval is sought).
  • Another 25% of the agreed amount due upon due-diligence completion: i.e. US$ 7,000.
  • Balance 50% of the agreed amount due at the time of signing the contract with Solution Provider: i.e. US$ 14,000.

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This page was last updated on February 2, 2023.

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