What bank will we be signing with? Can you tell us the name of the financial institution you are talking to? We might already be in conversation with them?

The whole purpose of the referral agreement is for us to ‘broker’ the deal for you. We only disclose the name of the solution provider once you have signed the referral agreement with us and also have paid the application assessment fee as well as the 25% advance (refundable at the time of signing of the referral agreement). Once these two items have been credited to our account, that is when we will disclose the name of the financial institution to you and make a formal introduction and do the hand-over.

If you are already talking to the financial institution, we would be notified when we disclose your name to the licensed financial institution. In which case, we will let you know that it would be up to you if you wish to continue with our efforts or not, considering we usually have leeway and leverage with these institutions.

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This page was last updated on February 27, 2023.

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