MSB Friendly Bank Charges

Professional consulting charges for providing access to direct &/or indirect banking services.

The following are charges for providing access to either direct banking or indirect (pseudo) banking services and payment rails.

Description Consulting Charges
Basic (vanilla) MSB Banking for incumbents $5,000
Slightly difficult cases (non-crypto, but international transactions, first time license applicants, non-licensed proxies, cash based businesses) $7,500
Difficult cases (non-crypto, international, including high-risk countries) $10,000
Crypto based MSBs (with/without international transactions) $12,500

The term sheets for direct/indirect banking are usually offered by the solution provider once they have examined your business case. The above-mentioned charges are my professional consulting fees for the successful referral that is made.

Please be cognizant of How do I charge for commercial services?

To access the application forms, please choose the appropriate form and fill it out.

MSB Business Bank Account

Application for regular/basic (vanilla) MSB Business Bank Account

Crypto Friendly Bank Account

Application for Crypto Friendly Bank Account access (direct/indirect)