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US Money Transmitter License Pricing Sheet

US Money Transmitter License Cost

  • Professional Charges (rows 19 to 35 inclusive) in each column, is to be counted ONCE only when applying for multi-state licensing. For example, the Flow of Funds needs to be paid only once, not again and again for each state. The same for application fees, it needs to be paid once and not again for each additional state.
  • If you’re accessing this document on a mobile phone, scroll to the RIGHT to see other states.
  • The TOTAL Column represents pricing if you apply for Money Transmitter Licenses in all the US States.
  • The time to obtain all 50+ money transmitter licenses is about two years with the bulk of them being one-year for issuance.
  • You should typically set aside a minimum x1 of your net worth or US$ 150,000 whichever is higher, as the bare minimum additional capital to demonstrate to the regulator that you have the necessary finances to run operations.

This page was last updated on January 4, 2023.