Services - Faisal Khan and Company


Faisal Khan & Company offers the following services. Please read through the relevant material before scheduling a call


Services related to the provisioning of licenses to operate as a LIFI (Licensed Financial Institution) or work with an existing PLH (Principal License Holder). 

Includes territories like United States, Canada, UK, European Union, Australia/New Zealand, Various African countries for licensing, South Asia and Gulf (GCC).


Services related to liaising with MSB Friendly Banks. Opening an MSB Business Bank Account. Virtual IBANs, Payment Account, Correspondent Banking Relationship (CBR) and Crypto Currency Bank Accounts.

Also, help and advisory services in Vostro/Nostro Accounts, 

Payments Processing Networks

Services include Card Processing (Debit & Credit), Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, SEPA payments, FasterPayments (UK), Multiple Currency Payment Account, Collection Accounts, Merchant Accounts, Domestic Payments Processing, Settlement on Various Payment Networks, Payments Switch and Localised Payment Processing.

Store Value / E-Money

Services include: Wallet Coverage (White-label), Multi-Currency Payment Accounts, Payments Switch (SaaS / Self-Owned), Issuance, Crypto-currency, APIs. 

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