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Let’s work together!

The art of networking is what business is all about. Meet the right people and you can do business together. Herein lies the problem. Networking takes time. It requires immense trust and vetting before one can take the next step to discuss business.

The trust deficit

It is no hidden secret, banks, money services businesses, money transfer operators, etc. all have an estranged relationship.

MTOs can’t find banking. Banks don’t want to take risky MSBs. MSBs are struggling to expand operations by the looming threat of banking services being denied is forever present.

What do we do?

This is what we do best. Business Matchmaking for short.

We leverage and extend your business and license responsibly.

We become an extension of the Banks and NBFIs and pair-up and market their products and services.

Licensed Money Transmitter License holders come to us, to expand on to our Money Transfer Alliance platform. Other MSBs come seeking payment processing solutions. Banks approach us so that we can be the filtering mechanism by which only qualified and filtered candidates get passed on to banks as clients.

There is always a demand. Luckily, for many, we get the good-fortune to play the middleman. Most of the time, we are trust by both parties and hence, doing a handshake becomes easy. Its all about gaining confidence, understanding the opportunities and doing business.

Who do we seek and why?

Anyone who is a licensed bank / non-banking financial institution we want to work with you! If you would like to offer banking services or extend your license for expanding your business, you’re our ideal candidate.

  • If you’re a bank, we want to work with you!
  • If you’re a licensed MSB holding valid licenses, we want to work with you!

Who do we work with?

As part of our solution provisioning, we discreetly work with banks, credits unions, community banks, commercial banks, licensed money transfer companies, money transmitter license holders, licensed money services businesses, branchless banking operator, mobile wallet operator, e-money (stored value) payment institution, etc.

How does it work?

It is as simple as picking up the phone or sending us an email. The goal is to get the initial dialog going informally. No obligations. No commitments. Just discover the potential in each other.

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