Payment Processors

Wanted: Payment Processors / Bank Processors.

Throughout the working week, we get dozens of queries. From individuals, to fintech startups, to incumbents. Small, medium and large customers. Even Fortune 500 companies.

A large percentage of these inquiries hinge on some form of a payment processing need, for which they are seeking a solution.

Here are some bona fide examples:

  • A medium sized business might seek ACH processing services with the ability to do escrow
  • MTOs seeking money-transfer related Check21 solutions
  • Automotive industry marketing companies seeking ACH Debit/Credits
  • Payroll processors seeking Debit card push payments
  • Marketplaces seeking international mass payouts
  • Fortune 500 companies seeking global mass payout (including bespoke check/cheque deliveries)
  • Bill aggregators seeking international FX settlements
  • Telecommunication companies seeking toll-balance adjustments against existing deposits
  • Freelancer networks seeking more value added services as far as payments go for their network, etc.

Our goal is to help out these client leads with appropriate solutions. Payment processors and Bank processors work with us in getting a steady supply of qualified business leads (at no cost to them).

We are always actively seeking partners in the payment processing arena to add to our roster of solution providers. You could be an RDC processor, a credit card processor, Ach processor, SEPA processor, etc. It doesn’t matter which territory you work in. Canada, US, UK, EU, ANZ, Middle East, Africa, etc. are all the territories we work in.

Who isn’t interested in getting more business. We personally vet and qualify each sales lead before passing it on to our pool for service providers. All we ask in return is to have an ISO/Reseller agreement in place.

We do not charge you any recurring or non-recurring fees. We do not ask for a fee for every qualified referral we push your way. Our income is derived from the ISO/Reseller agreement we would have on file with you.

If you’re interested in becoming a qualified payment processor / bank processor with us, please get in touch and we will be happy to take the dialog forward.

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