Fintech Social Media Marketing

What is Fintech Marketing and How is it Different from Social Media Marketing?

The difference between the two is subtle, but an important one. Fintech Marketing is Social Media Marketing by domain experts in the Banking, Payments & Fintech space.

Not by people who understand Fintech, but by people who are classified as Fintech leaders, influencers and contributors.

The goal of most social media marketers is finding people within the fintech space, who they can tap to promote and propagate their material. That is the difference between fintech marketing and regular social media marketing.

We are exactly who you want to tap!

Why Use Social Media and Content Management?

The goal behind utilizing social media marketing and tools is to help you engage your customers and show them you are a company that values them. What is even more important is to use the network of Faisal Khan and his associated to extend the outreach of your social media campaigns, etc.

Social Media Fintech MarketingA vital part of customer services are being provided through various social media channels because that is where your customers are.

Awareness within Fintech players is coming through peer review and colleagues who read & repost your content. Subtle mentions in articles, podcasts, tweets, and other updates gets the word out.

The combined approach increases visibility and increases the diameter of outreach of the content and content related material.

Research shows that when customers cannot find a company on popular networks like Facebook and Twitter, they are very less likely to do business with them. Be visible to your customers everywhere they go so you are never out of sight or out of mind.

Why Choose Us For Your FinTech Social Media and Content Management?

First, we are very passionate about our work. No, seriously, we are. Very much.

We know the lingo!

Fintech Marketing ServicesFintech is what we do day-in, day-out. We understand the subtle differences, whom to pitch to with our growing circle of influencers.

We confidentially provide the same function to many Public Relation firms, incumbent financial services players and fintech startups. We’re behind the scenes people!

We have three standard plans (see below) and can also offer bespoke plans for you, specially designed to help you begin your foray into social media marketing and drive new eyeballs & traffic to your business.

Our content management services will help you reduce the load of creating and sharing great information with your clients and peers.

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Social Media Services

We provide complete turn-key social media and content management services. Employing various social networks, we ensure that your business gets the attention it deserves. Here is an overview of some of our services.

Twitter Management

Twitter is the #1 online channel for influencing purchasing decisions

  • Post news, updates and other payments industry related information in order to create an interest and get followers for the account. We will calculate the best times to post for maximum visibility and utilize the data to increase your account’s visibility.
  • Reply to and interact with twitter followers
  • Interact with industry specific twitter accounts to increase visibility

Facebook Management

Facebook is the most effective platform to get consumers talking about products

  • Post news, updates and other payments industry related information from this account in order to create an interest and get followers for the account. We will calculate the best times to post for maximum visibility and utilize the data to increase your account’s visibility.
  • Reply to and interact with fans on the Facebook page
  • Interact with industry specific Facebook pages to increase visibility

LinkedIn Management

80% of B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn

  • Create a LinkedIn page for your business
  • Post news about your business and other related news from the industry
  • Interact with industry specific discussion groups to increase visibility

Blog Content Management

46% of people read blogs more than once a day.

  • Create a blog for your business or product
  • Create and post blog posts with targeted SEO keywords relevant to your business and industry
  • Cross-post and share blogs on social media channels

Google+ Page Management

There are 300 million monthly active users on G+

  • Create a G+ page for your product/business
  • Create and post status updates
  • Interact with influencers and customers
  • Cross-post on other social media channels

Pinterest Marketing

83% of active Pinterest users prefer to follow a brand

  • Create a Pinterest account for your product/business
  • Create and post interesting images
  • Interact with influencers and customers
  • Pin and Re-pin from influencers and others in your industry

Podcast Promotion

Faisal Khan is also one of the co-hosts of the industry’s premier weekly podcast on all things, Banking, Payments and Fintech. The podcast Around The Coin can be a great platform to provide additional coverage and enhance awareness of your product &/or services.

Content Creation

Fintech Marketing ContentWe create content. From thought leadership articles to industry outlook, from customer perspective to regulatory issues, from infographics/charts to opinions on white-papers and other draft, if your business has anything to do with banking, payments and fintech, we can generate genuine, unique content for it.

Content is what drives people to your website – the goal of your marketing efforts. This is where you have the chance to present yourself or your brand in a unique light. Wow them with your helpful content and you might build lifelong customers.

We can provide informative, thought-provoking and engaging content for your business.

Pricing & Plans

Description Startup Professional Enterprise
Twitter (tweets per day) 8 Tweets 10-12 Tweets 15-20 Tweets
Facebook (updates per day) 1 update 2-3 updates 4-5 updates
LinkedIn (updates per day) 1 update 2 updates 4-5 updates
Google+ 1 update 2 updates 4-5 updates
Q&A Websites 2 per month 4 per month 10 per month
Famous Publishing Platforms (Medium, etc.) Once a month 1 every fortnightly 1 per week
Pinterest x x
Keyword Optimized Blog Posts (in words, per month) 2 x 500 posts 3 x 500 posts
2 x 750 posts
4 x 500 posts
1 x 1000 post
2 x 750 posts
2 x 500 posts
Podcast x x
Posting on Other Blogs & Web Properties x
Specialized Podcasts for your own Blog x
(1 limited to 30 minutes)

(2 limited to 30 minutes each)
Licensed Stock Photography
Licensed Stock Icons & Graphics
Optional: Professionally Made Infographics x x
(Each infographic is billed at US$ 750)
Analytics x
Monthly Report x
Working Hours US Office Hours (9-5) – Eastern
UK Office Hours (9-5)
US Office Hours (9-5) – Eastern
UK Office Hours (9-5)
US Office Hours (9-5) – Eastern
UK Office Hours (9-5)
As per Custom Schedule
Additional Promotion for Twitter x x
Additional Promotion for Facebook x x
Comment Engagement x x 10-15 Comment engagements per month.
Finextra Blog x x
Dedicated Account Manager x x
Weekly Meetings Once every fortnight Once a week 2-3 times a week.
Facebook Advertising x x ✓*
(Promoted Posts)
*you pay for the promotion bill.
One-time Setup Fees US$ 999 US$ 1,999 US$ 4,999
Monthly Recurring Fees US$ 1,799 US$ 2,499 US$ 3,499
Contract Duration (minimum) 3-Months 6-Months 12-Months

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the do’s & don’t’s of our fintech marketing service:

  • We will not commit to any target number for your audience growth. We will not aim to achieve X number of Followers or Likes.
  • We do not host your blog. We expect you to provide that platform to us (preferably WordPress)
  • We do not design your blog, we expect your web design agency to do that.
  • We will not be performing any maintenance and/or updates on your blog’s backend (your web design agency &/or in-house IT team will do that)
  • We do not do backups of your blog or other social media channels
  • We do not provide any sort of acceleration and/or content delivery network
  • We can provide additional (more in-depth) analytics, for which the platform has to be WordPress and some specialized plug-ins would have to be installed
  • We expect you to provide your logo / artwork in the format we require
  • Our preferred method of sharing information is restricted to Google Drive &/or Dropbox only.
  • We use Google Calendar for all our scheduling.
  • We do not do customer service requests on your social media, nor do we cover help-desk requests.
  • We do not regularly monitor your profile. We monitor activity, restricted to the working hours as defined during which we will publish information
  • Our contract is not for engagement but marketing. You need to have an engagement team in your setup for this.
  • We curate information related to your field. When we cite 2-3 updates or 4-5 updates, this is human curated information that is being shared.
  • We use the 70-30 rule. 70% of the content is not yours, and 30% of the content being promoted is yours.
  • It is an exact science? No, if we are scheduled to do 4-5 updates, you can have days where we might do one or two less, and you might also have days where we do 1-2 more.
  • We expect you to have your own analytics in place. For our premium account, we use specialized (premium) web traffic measuring and measurement tools which can only be implemented in WordPress.
  • We do not do any custom design work in our posts or any audio/video work. All this can be done, is optional and billed separately.
  • Our comments engagement varies as per content being promoted. For enterprise plans, we do no more than 10-15 comment engagements per month.
  • You may have to share existing credentials with us (else we might not be able to do much)
  • We do not do any slogan writing for you.
  • For certain social media platforms and personas, you may be required to make additional IDs.
  • If we have not explicitly mentioned it here, it is not included.
  • We don’t do search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO), Adwords, etc.
  • We do not promise, advocate or infer any sort of results ranking in any search engine or medium.
  • We do not use any robot or bots to like your content
  • We do not employ click farms to promote your material or like it
  • We do guarantee that you will get genuine fintech marketing material, authored with lots of love from our end!

Outsource vs. Inhouse?

Many companies debate if it is worth outsourcing their fintech marketing to a social media company?

Consider this, an average (novice) intern costs more than US$ 30,000 per year. Would you really want your public persona to be represented by a newbie?

What is your time worth to you? You know the answer to that question best yourself. You can spend hours trying to do all this yourself, creative thinking, writing, grammar/spelling checks, reference checks, tweeting, logging into social media platforms, looking & curating at articles, etc.

Or let the pros manage it on your behalf. When you engage us, we become an extension of your organization.

To learn how we can get you started, contact us today and let’s talk!

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