What is the Procedure for Money Transfer License Application

Money Transmitter license application can vary from state to state and country to country. In some geographical areas, there might be a moratorium from issuing any new licenses, while in some area, no licenses are required. Under no circumstances should you commence even small time operations without have first filed for a money transfer license application and confirmed from your regulator that you are allowed to operate (even a small, closed loop, beta operation).

Operating without a money transfer license application filed, could lead to fines, prison time or both. It has serious consequences.

To properly gauge your money transfer license application requirements, additional information may be required, such as:

  • Information on Owners & Directors
  • Background Checks into criminal activities and/or any civil or criminal conviction by any court of law.
  • Country/Territory where you would like to be licensed
  • Country/Territory from where you would be operating (base of operations)
  • Financial standing
  • Timelines & Schedules
  • Compliance Program
  • Infrastructure
  • Access to Banking
  • Flow of Funds
  • Audits
  • Understanding of the Money Transfer Ecosystem
  • Etc.

Based on this information, we would then be able to accurately assess the viability of you getting licenses and the most proficient method of approach given your unique set of requirements.

If you would like us to evaluate your money transmitter license requirements and see how we can assist you in finding coverage for MTLs, please kindly fill in the application below. All information shared is treated confidential.

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