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Money Transfer License: To Read Further

Remittances are the low hanging fruit in the payments schema. 2017 figures are estimated to be US$ 630+ Billion of remittance transfer with over US$ 400+ Billion going to the developing world.

We are subject-matter experts in remittances and the entire value chain of cross-border money transfer.

From licensing, payment processing partners, payment networks, access to banking, technology and AML/KYC solutions, we do it all.

As a general reading, we encourage everyone to read How to setup a Remittance Transfer Business? As well as look at the YouTube Video Series of How To Set Up A Money Transfer Business. The article and the videos explain in a condensed format the various aspect of a remittance business and what are some of the elements you need to be aware of.

Recommended reading:

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  2. How Do Low Oil Prices Affect Workers Remittances from the GCC States?
  3. Value Transfer in Remittances
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  6. Periodic Table of Remittances
  7. How do Bitcoin Remittances work?
  8. How Legal is Bitcoin Remittance?
  9. Banks De-Risking (MSB / Money Transfer Business)
  10. Understanding Flow of Funds Diagram
  11. Remittance-As-A-Service (RaaS)
  12. Gaining Traction in the Money Transfer Business
  13. The Migrant Worker’s Smartphone
  14. Understanding the US Money Transfer Market
  15. Learning about Remittances: The Remittance Bibles
  16. The Great Money Transfer Gold Rush
  17. The hidden force in global economics: sending money home
  18. How will money transfer between countries look in five years? (Half-way point analysis)
  19. FAQs on ISO / Correspondent Relationship
  20. Money Transfer Solution from USA to Africa
  21. AML CTF Questionnaire for Banks & NBFIs
  22. List of all the Central Banks & Reserve Banks of the World
  23. List of Money Services Businesses (MSB) License Regulators

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