The Signup Process for RaaS Canada

While signing up for RaaS in Canada may seem like a daunting task, it is not. The process is, in fact, fairly straightforward, as outlined below:

  1. Go through the RaaS Canada Solution

The RaaS Canada Solution covers everything you need to know about Remittance-as-a-Service in Canada. From what is the RaaS solution to the payout countries supported by the RaaS solution, this page covers it all.

  1. Read through our Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, even after reading through the information on the RaaS Canada Solution page, you will still have questions. It is imperative that you read through the FAQ page which we have curated based on the actual questions asked by our prospective clients.

  1. Choose the platform and the kind of payment processing you need

When setting up your money-transfer business, it is important for you to choose a particular platform and payment method. Whether you would like us to set up your App and/or Web Platform, or simply provide you with an API to use your existing platform- we have got you covered. You can also decide whether you would like to process your payments via Debit Card, ACH, or both.

  1. Review the Pricing Plan for RaaS Canada

The Pricing Plan for RaaS Canada includes the one-time setup, referral, and assessment fee and the recurring cost for all available payment processing options and platforms. The grid also includes the Minimum Reserves amount and the Minimum Monthly Commitment for S/P Revenue. In order for you to better understand how we have structured our pricing, attached below are some sample remittance calculations for your reference:

  1. Sample Calculations Where $250 is being remitted – RaaS Canada
  2. Sample Calculations Where $500 is being remitted – RaaS Canada
  3. Sample Calculations Where $1,000 is being remitted – RaaS Canada
  1. Go through the RaaS Canada CheatSheet

The RaaS Canada Cheat Sheet contains everything that you must cover before you move on to Step 6 and 7. Make sure you go over it in order to avoid missing anything.

  1. Fill out the Regulatory Coverage Questionnaire
  1. Fill out the Payout Countries Form

With the RaaS Canada Solution, over 25 payout countries are supported. You must choose any FIVE and indicate your preferences on this form.

This page was last updated on October 11, 2022.

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