Frequently Asked Questions about IT & Technology

Do I have to use their technology? Can I not use my own?

It depends.

If you plan on developing your own App (be it mobile or web), you will then have to use their API. Everything is provided for by the solution provider, so that they manage the compliance, payment processing & settlement, transaction management, ID/KYC, etc. You simply have to use their API and develop your UI/UX on top of it.

In other options, you can use their white-label website (which is a responsive website, i.e. will work on the mobile as well as on tablet). You can also opt to use their white-label mobile app only. Or you can use both. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and what you opt for.

The pricing for these four options can be seen here.

Is an API provided for?

Yes, an API is provided for you to do your own development on. Your app will be powered by the service provider’s API should you decide to build on top of it.

Can we see a demo of the mobile app?

Here is a demo app as provided by one of the providers: Mobile App Demo.

We have our own technology team and do not want to use your web app or mobile app, can we use our own platform and development stack?

Yes. You can use the API which is provided with each package and build your own web &/or mobile app. You cannot build your own platform, as that is controlled by the solution provider themselves. What they extend out to you are the APIs for which you can build the UI/UX based on the API stack available to you.

The solution provider’s white-labeled web and/or mobile app platforms are optional for you.

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