Origination / Solution Provider

Is there also the ability to have cash pick in the US or is it only digital?

From the US – only digital. Online to direct account credit (at the moment). In some corridors, there is a cash pick option. But origination is all online (i.e. digital).

Is nationwide coverage guaranteed?

No, nationwide coverage is not guaranteed. We have to still present your case to the solution provider for approval. Based on which solution provider takes your case, that is the offer you will be presented with and any restrictions or deficiencies in the proposal.

Why is nationwide licensing not offered in your RaaS program?

When you submit your remittance-as-a-service (RaaS) application, we run your application through the various solution providers who are enrolled in the program.

The solution providers are essentially the Principal License Holder (PLH) that hold the necessary money transmitter licenses.

Nationwide coverage is not guaranteed.

The PLH determines if they wish to work with you or not. Certain PLH have multiple state licenses, certain PLH has just a few states, and certain PLH have nationwide coverage.

Based on your regulatory coverage form submission, each answer carries a certain risk-scoring weight as assigned by each principal license holder themselves.

The risk profile scoring is based on factors like you have done the business before (or not)? your target market? your anticipated sales? compliance? readiness factor? flow-of-funds? etc.

In simple words, based on your risk profile scoring, the PLH then determines the final state-coverage offering to you, which is what we present to you.

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