Starting Point: How to start a money transfer business?

A good starting point is to understand the business and some of the brief nuances, terminologies, and lingua franca of the money transfer business.

I would humbly suggest you start from here: How to Start a Money Transfer Business (Video explainer series). I specifically spent a lot of time putting these up, so that you can learn quickly (each video is typically between 3-5 minutes), and once you have gone through the series, a lot of your pending questions are also answered.

The video series can be found at:

Quite a few people ask me “Why do I have to watch the entire series?” the answer is simple. My time and your time and the equation of sanity and patience. You will keep asking me newbie questions and I will keep answering those. If I did this with every call/caller, I would be out of business.

Easy way out? Watch the videos and then we can speak after that.

If you’ve already watched the video series and want to get to the crux of it, i.e. how much it will cost, etc. you need to fill a form out, after which I will be able to provide you with a quote.

Please go to this link and fill out this form: 

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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