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Fee Details for EMI License Lithuania

Faisal Khan LLC - Fee Details for EMI License Lithuania.

Proposed Hourly Rates Other Costs Fee Estimates: Based on our previous experience, the fee estimates for the legal services indicated in the previous section are as follows: Billing Policy

Scope of Legal Services for EMI License Lithuania

Faisal Khan LLC - Scope of Legal Services for EMI License Lithuania.

Services offered when applying for a new EMI License in Lithuania. Filing Stage Services Offered Preparatory Stage This is the pre-filing stage where all preparation with respect to PI EMI filing is done. – Advice with regard to business model…

Lithuania EMI Licensing Process

Faisal Khan LLC - Lithuania EMI Licensing Process

The licensing time can vary (depending on the application, the complexity of the project, etc.) Typically, the time it takes to get a license is a little over one year. As part of a marketing effort by each country’s financial…

Applying for a New EMI License in Lithuania

Faisal Khan LLC - Applying for a New EMI License in Lithuania.

Applying for Your Own EMI License As an option, you are more than welcome to apply for an EMI license. We help companies from all over the world, get registered and licensed in the European Economic Area (EEA), for their…

Buying an existing License

Faisal Khan LLC - Buying an existing License

It is possible for a company to purchase an existing money transfer license in the United States. Money transfer licenses are typically issued by state financial regulatory agencies or by the federal government. In order to operate a money transfer…

Electronic Money Distributor (EMD)

Faisal Khan LLC - Electronic Money Distributor (EMD)

An Electronic Money Institution (EMI) is a financial institution that is authorized to issue electronic money (also known as e-money) and provide payment services. E-money is a digital representation of monetary value that is issued on behalf of a natural…

Electronic Money Institution (EMI)

Faisal Khan LLC - Electronic Money Institution (EMI).

Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) are those institutions that have obtained an EMI License under which they cannot only offer all those payment services that are offered by payment institutions but can also deal in the issuance and redemption of electronic…