UK Money Transfer Bank Account

UK Money Transfer Bank Account – Coming Soon!

Are you a licensed money transfer operator (MTO) in UK and/or the EU? Have you lost access to banking or are finding it extremely difficult to obtain banking? Have banks de-risked you because you are in the money transfer business?

Are you a genuine remittance / money exchange company that is finding it extremely difficult to get a bank account?

It would be safe to say, the solution you have been looking for, is around the corner.

Sign-up for our early-access list and we will be able to provide UK Money Transfer Companies and licensed Money Transfer Companies (outside of UK, anywhere in the world) with Multi-Currency Bank Accounts.

Some silane features:

  • Fully functioning bank account in your name (no sharing or FBO account)
  • IBAN/BIC provided for.
  • Wire Transfers in and out
  • Restricted to electronic transactions only
  • No cash &/or checks/cheques accepted
  • Pay-In / Pay-out
  • Multi-currency Accounts available. GBP/Euro by default. USD Optional.
  • Available to MSBs worldwide. No need to be incorporated in UK/EU to have access to this bank account.
  • Bank in Europe while being licensed anywhere in the world as a bona fide remittance / money transfer company.
  • Fully regulated in the EU.
  • Bitcoin Startups/Companies also qualify for an account.

Service to start in June 2016. Referral fees US$ 7,500.

Please provide the following information to be on the mailing list (all information in the form is required).

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