How To Start A Money Transfer Business? YouTube Series

How to start a money transfer business? Some of your aspiring entrepreneurs might have wondered on that. I’ve written literally 1,000s of answers pertaining to this field and now slowly one by one, I will make small 2-3 minute videos of these answers and post them on YouTube.


Hello. My name is Faisal Khan. I’m a banking and a payment consultant, and today I want to let you know about a series of youtube videos I will be making over the course of the next two months. It is basically how to start a money transfer business. Not in the traditional sense not in circa 2000 or 1995, but how to it start it in 2018. How to be an online money transport operator or what I call or OMTO, and it’s a video series.

I’ve written all these answers down on Quora, so if you go on Quora. Q-U-O-R-A/dot/com. There’s my Quora profile in the description below. I’ve written, I think, 5000 answers – 5000 answers! And I have covered all these topics over there. But, what I’m doing over the next couple of weeks, if not, at least a couple of the next couple of months is to take all these answers out and make a playlist of them and make very short two to three minute videos explaining every aspect of the business.

I may not be able to cover all the intricacies but I will certainly be able to cover the important subjects that are, you know, in demand. People want to know how do I get coverage, how do get a license, what is a license, do I need a license, do I need a compliance officer, do I need a full time compliance officer,where do they get a compliance manual made from. Help me, I can’t find banking, how do I find banking. My application is stuck, they want a bank account. I cannot get a bank account. What sort of a chicken and egg situation is this, etc. etc. We have answers, I mean I have answers to all of them. And I certainly have put it in writing. All I’m trying to do now is to put this out in a YouTube series.

So, I may have missed out on some of the newer questions that may be coming out. So, if you have a question pertaining to how to start an MSB business could be in Canada, could be in the United States, EU, UK – these are the predominant markets where I am able to offer advice for, please feel free to ask a question, I’ll be happy to answer.

And keep a look out on these, on my channel and hopefully more and more videos pertaining to how to start money transfer business will pop up. Till next time, have a good one.

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