Multi-Function, Multi-Facet, Omni-Channel Financial Services Switch

Introducing VaulSys, a co-owned company where we have developed a state-of-the-art financial services switch featuring: Digital API – Mobile Financial Services – Acquiring – Issuing & Card Management – Online Payments – Fraud Management & Screening


Smartphones have significantly affected the way people live their lives. Mobiles are now being used for business, gaming, fitness, education, learning, health, banking, and much more. With the right apps on a smartphone, life gets better. VaulSim decided to take this idea and make it a reality by developing a middleware to launch payment and banking applications rapidly. We offer a range of mobile financial services with built-in tools like the chat engine, QR generator, NFC processors, and On-us and Off-us wallet handler. VaulSim combines the capabilities of mobile and APIs to offer mobile apps combined with a comprehensive merchant/agent management portal.


VaulPi offers a range of Open APIs for third party fintechs, retailers, and developers to use the existing services of an open bank. VaulPi utilizes two of the most widely used protocols to build APIs through Restful and/or JASON.


API is a common software interface that allows two applications to communicate. In order for APIs to be executed, the commands have to come through an API gateway. This API gateway is used to secure, scale, and accelerate the traffic between the front end application and the backend services.


Security is an essential part of any financial institution and our development team uses the agile method for Software Development. Once the code is developed against the specification document by the developer, it is forwarded to the QA (Quality Assurance) team, which verifies the functionality test, unit test as well as a complete Security test that includes verification as per the top 10 vulnerabilities in OWASP guideline. In addition, we offer fraud management and AML to any financial institutions.


We live in a world where payments are processed every fraction of a second. These payments are being processed on diverse customer touch-points through multiple devices running on several integrated platforms. Vaulsys designed a complete suite of highly flexible, scalable, and robust financial solutions for electronic payments and transactions processing with built-in loose coupled modules that allow financial institutions to distinguish themselves and deliver the most up to date solutions and services across multiple channels.


As the payments industry moves towards updating their legacy payments infrastructure, it is increasingly clear that CMS platforms have a critical role in broader modernization activities. Any failures or problem in a bank’s CMS creates major service outages and considerable customer fallout. VaulCard has been developed to support national, international, and global financial institutions for their issuing, processing, and acquiring business along with the EMV standard. The system has full multi-currency, multi-product, multi-institution, and multi-language capabilities.

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