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Aspiring startups and incumbent who seek access to various customer markets in the payments space will soon realize the the importance of getting licensed. Getting licensed in transaction originating territories is no easy feat. Rarely is the process of applying for and being awarded a license simple. Most of the time it is time consuming, expensive and a long battle.
For any license aspirations – it always comes down to Buy verses Lease (a crude method of putting it). Should you raise enough capital to go get your own licenses when starting out or should you do a revenue share partnership with an existing license holder or a financial institution that can provide you with license coverage? 
This will always be a tough question to answer, but from a monetary and go-to market point of view, it is almost a no brainer to go to the lease (or sponsorship) route.
Most startups or incumbents who do research licensing are faced with gargantuan task of making sense of all the laws and complexities of the regulatory space. This can become a very expensive proposition very quickly.
For others, who may have the capital and resources, they cannot wait for the time it takes to get the license. Even more so are companies who might physically be based outside the region they want to get licensed in, further complicates the whole access-to-licensing equation.
This is where we excel. 
We provide revenue-share partnerships with companies who hold valid banking or money/payment licenses in their respective geographies. Partnering is easy, as long as your flow of funds and business verticals are acceptable to our principals, you can get licensing access.
Licensing should not be  time-bound or a financial hurdle. Allow us to help you. Fill out the application below and reduce your go-to-market time.

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