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Starting from the 29th of August, 2022, I have decided to restrict calls on a need-to-talk-basis.

Before you pick up your pitchforks, let me explain why I had to take this difficult decision.

Over the past few years, the sheer volume of booked calls far exceeds the time I have available. The number of calls I take in a single day is far more than I can handle and they often spill out into the time I have for existing clients, regular office hours, family, and for rest.

This is why I have decided to curtail the number of calls I will entertain.

There are two ways you can schedule a call with me:

(a). Paid Calls

15-minutes: https://calendly.com/faisalkhan/15-minutes-paid-session
30-minutes: https://calendly.com/faisalkhan/30-minutes-paid-session
60-minutes: https://calendly.com/faisalkhan/60-minutes-paid-session

(b). Request for Call – A form will be provided for anyone who wants to schedule a call where they will fill out all the information that will make it possible for me to decide if the call is warranted or if a simple email will do. Depending on your response, my team, or I, will reply back to you with one of the following:

  • additional questions (if your message was unclear or we need more information about something)
  • Or a link to attend a call with me

As always, I look forward to speaking with you and helping you but will only be a bit more scrupulous with how I go about this.

Thank you for understanding.

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