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Email Disclaimer for Faisal Khan, LLC:

This email, including any attachments, is the property of Faisal Khan, LLC and is intended for the exclusive use of the named recipient(s). It may contain confidential, privileged, or otherwise legally protected information. If you are not the intended recipient, or if this email has been addressed to you in error, please refrain from reading, copying, distributing, or taking any action based on its contents. Instead, kindly notify the sender immediately by replying to this email and then delete it from your system, provided doing so is in compliance with your organization’s policies and the laws of your jurisdiction.

Please be aware that email communication is inherently insecure and prone to errors, such as possible interception, alteration, loss, delay, or the presence of viruses. Faisal Khan, LLC disclaims all liability for any errors, omissions, or damages arising from the use of email. For important communications, please verify the message through alternative means.

Regarding Legal Opinions:

From time to time, emails from Faisal Khan, LLC may contain legal opinions or interpretations. These should not be considered as legal advice or a replacement for professional legal consultation. If you require legal assistance, we urge you to consult with a qualified attorney who is authorized to practice in your jurisdiction and can provide you with specific advice tailored to your situation.

Faisal Khan, LLC is not a law firm, and the views expressed in our emails should be regarded as personal perspectives only. We accept no liability for any consequences that may arise from reliance on any legal opinions provided in our communications. We recommend recipients exercise due diligence and caution in this regard.

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This page was last updated on February 15, 2024.

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