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World’s first periodic table of remittances (money transfer).

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Around The Coin Podcast

Episode 125: Interview with the Oracle of Payments & Identity: David Birch

Are You A Tier 2 or Tier 3 Money Transfer Company?

If you are facing issues like: competition is hard, lost access to banking, compliance challenges, limited working capital, small network reach, cannot access new markets, price-wars, payment processors turning you down, etc. it is time to give us a call and let us explain how you can leverage the power of the network, compete and stay in business.

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Can The Web Really Use Another International Payment Money Transfer Service?

As soon as you look at the payment processing options available online, another one pops up. While some such as PayPal have been around for the long haul, there are other, newer online money transfer services that seem to be just as widely used. If you are going to put your online MS finance degree […]

Feds should block Chinese purchase of MoneyGram | TheHill

Came across this “opinion” article, as to why the US Government should block Ant Financial (a Chinese company) from purchasing MoneyGram. What an ass of an article this “Dan Perrin” has written. I hope articles like these never get publish because they can seriously fuck things up for the likes of MoneyGram and Ant Financial because […]

Banks ready to break free from regulations under Trump | Washington Examiner

Here is a great article by the Washington Examiner on what would it mean for much of the stringent regulation that banks and Wall Street loathe would look like – when it is gone. It is a large ask – the proposed bill that tends to do away with much that has been cited with […]

Diners Club Card

Happy Birthday Diners Club Card

Sixty-eight years ago, to this very day, Frank McNamara was having dinner at a steakhouse in New York, when he left his wallet behind. His credit was good enough at the restaurant and with that, an idea was born! The credit card, more specifically, the Diners Club Card. Had Mr. McNamara not forgotten his wallet, […]

Fintech Blog: Zelle! Venmo Killer?

Big Banks Declare War on Venmo – Bloomberg

Depending on which side of the fence you live, you might be about to uncork a champagne bottle or take aspirin. Zelle is the new payment solution in town in the US, that promises to be a Venmo (read: PayPal) killer! A cartel of 19 US banking institutions that is started by a startup called Early […]

PayPal buys TIO Networks for $233 million | TechCrunch

The news that PayPal stepped forward and acquired TIO Networks was a surprising one. If someone says they were expecting this, my answer is Bullshit! No one saw it coming. There 7 reasons why this deal is so unique, in a good way. The cost of acquisition for the 14 million customers, is $16.6 per customer […]