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World’s first periodic table of remittances (money transfer).

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Episode 125: Interview with the Oracle of Payments & Identity: David Birch

Are You A Tier 2 or Tier 3 Money Transfer Company?

If you are facing issues like: competition is hard, lost access to banking, compliance challenges, limited working capital, small network reach, cannot access new markets, price-wars, payment processors turning you down, etc. it is time to give us a call and let us explain how you can leverage the power of the network, compete and stay in business.

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FT Partners: Global Money Transfer: Emerging Trends & Challenges Report (May 2017)

FT Partners: Global Money Transfer: Emerging Trends & Challenges Report (May 2017)

Global Money Transfer Report Whenever FT Partners puts out a report, you know it is worth the weight in paper! You want to print it and devour each word, each sentence, each number and each infographic. In early May (2017), FT Partners released the Global Money Transfer: Emerging Trends & Challenge report. The 185 page report […]

Mobile Money Landscape Update – Blog – MEF

Really great blog post by Mobile Ecosystem Forum on the Mobile Money Landscape. Click on the picture to expand. Mobile money continues to grow both in terms of usage and in the variety of options that are available to the consumer, bringing new and increasingly convenient ways to transact, peer-to-peer, in-store and online.Check out the […]

3 Things Every New Business Needs but Often Neglects

When starting a new LLC (Limited Liability Company), you know that you need to register to do business in your state and you know that you need funding. You know you need a business plan and a place from which to work. These are all common sense. Also, you should know that there are some […]

How to Secure Your Mobile Financial Life

We’re getting to a point where all of the financial services we need are available through mobile apps. Both iOS and Android can be used to access some of the best financial services in the world, including money transfer services, private banking, and even investment opportunities. There are even mobile-only or digital-only banks currently challenging […]

State Regulators Mount Counter-Offensive Seeking to Stop OCC’s Fintech Charter – Lexology

This OCC vs. the State Regulators fight is going to get worse. Here is a clear cut example of where (I believe) that OCC is trying to do some good, but the State Regulators are just plain being unfair about the whole OCC charter. I worry that some state will issue a law, which would […]

How to Start a Money Transfer Agency

How to Start a Money Transfer Agency Money transfer agencies allow you to accept money from a client and transfer it to an institution or individual somewhere else in the world. They make money by accepting a fee or portion of the transferred amount as payment for the service. Money transfer agencies range from massive […]