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Around The Coin Podcast

Fintech Podcast – Episode 144 – During The Next Financial Crisis – Will Bitcoin Be Noah’s Ark?

Are You A Tier 2 or Tier 3 Money Transfer Company?

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Investing in Crypto-Currencies

How To Invest In Crypto-Currencies Smartly Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of friends, family, and associates have been asking me if they ought to invest in Bitcoin? Have they missed the boat? Is there still an opportunity to make money? First, let us get something out of the way: I am not investment […]

Unified Payments

Three years ago, I had this dream. Of the following company. Now it is slowly being turned into reality. Stay tuned.

Summary of Western Union – Q2 Earnings Call 2017

Western Union Q2 Earnings Call 2017. Here are the summary points for the WU Q2 Earnings Call (2017), so that you don’t have to read all the report: Our digital business continue to excel with westernunion.com transactions increasing 25% Our Speedpay electronic bill payments business, however, again posted good result, delivering double-digit growth in the […]

Remittances: the huge cost to Africa in money transfer fees | Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Weak competition, concentration of market power and flawed financial regulation all contribute to high remittance charges. Just two money transfer operators (MTOs) – Western Union and MoneyGram – account for two-thirds of remittance transfers. Why is the world’s poorest region paying the world’s highest money transfer fees? ODI has taken this issue up with African […]

Istanbul Calling…

Everyone has a calling. Very few of us are fortunate to hear ours and follow it. I believe my calling has come. I switched careers at the age of 40! “Suicidal-move” as many had termed it. “Shackle-Free” was how I looked at it. Seven years on, after assisting literally 1,000s of people and working with […]

In regulating bank boards, it’s time to recenter the pendulum | American Banker

David Gibbons makes some good points here. Clearly there is a need for regulators to rethink their expectations and requirements for boards as the pendulum has swung way too far. But in doing so, regulators also need to maintain certain principles of sound board governance and oversight to guard against an overcorrection. A principles-based approach […]