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Fintech Podcast – Episode 151 – Understanding the world of Crypto-Economics as explained by Dr. Chris Berg

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Agent Network Accelerator Research – Pakistan Country Report | helix-institute.com

This report provides valuable insights for the digital financial sector in Pakistan and recommendations for developing sustainable networks of mobile money agents. It also highlights the key findings on the mobile money agent landscape in Pakistan. The second wave of the survey for Pakistan, funded by Karandaaz Pakistan, investigates how Pakistan’s mobile money market has evolved […]

Delaware Approves Tracking of Stock Ownership on Blockchain, Major Effects

This is particularly noteworthy, because even though Delaware is a small state, the majority of all corporations in the US are based in Delaware. Source: Delaware Approves Tracking of Stock Ownership on Blockchain, Major Effects

Criminals Thought Bitcoin Was the Perfect Hiding Place, but They Thought Wrong – MIT Technology Review

“Follow the money” has been one of the best ways to track down and capture criminals but cyber criminals are finding new ways to avoid this. …while Bitcoin users can withhold their identities, they can’t avoid revealing other information that can be useful to investigators. Every Bitcoin transaction is recorded on its blockchain, a publicly accessible […]

The 2017 DATA Report: Financing the African Century | ONE

This year’s DATA Report reveals that the poorest are receiving a declining share of global financial resources. Although global ODA reached a record high of $140.1 billion in 2016, people most in need are in danger of being left behind. The proportion of aid to the least developed countries (LDCs) is in a downward spiral, falling […]

Historic Quarter: CoinDesk Launches Q2 State of Blockchain Report – CoinDesk

Q2 at a glance: Cryptocurrencies hit all-time valuations. ICOs emerge as an industry force. The asset class diversifies and bitcoin’s total dominance wanes. CoinDesk is releasing its latest State of Blockchain report, one that retraces what was a historic quarter for the emerging industry. Source: Historic Quarter: CoinDesk Launches Q2 State of Blockchain Report – […]

Regulatory sandboxes can help states advance fintech | American Banker

Launching a fintech sandbox can help states promote investment, job growth and innovative products. States must recognize how their patchwork of different regimes stifles innovation, but they also have an opportunity to help maintain U.S. competitiveness in the global fintech marketplace. Source: Regulatory sandboxes can help states advance fintech | American Banker