Moving money from one geography to another? Get regulatory coverage in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia/NZ with our solutions!


Access to banking or bank accounts getting complicated? No worries – our network of banking providers are crypto-friendly and MSB-friendly, ensuring no business has banking issues!

Money Transfer & Remittances.

Ready to get started in the cross-border money transfer and remittances industry? Look no further! We’ve got the solutions to help you expand your business.


Stay ahead of the competition with payment processing solutions like ACH, EFT, SEPA, or UK’s FasterPayments. Studies suggest that the payment processing market will rise to $569.2 billion by 2030 – don’t miss out!


Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and so are we! Whether you need access to banking, licensing, or payment processing solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Risk & Compliance.

Don’t get caught with hefty fines and penalties – ensure your financial business is following all compliance guidelines with our risk and compliance services.


Need processing for card payments? Look no further! We can provide card processing services for your clients.


Want to integrate with a company that provides wallet solutions like digital wallets, white-label e-wallets, and mobile wallets? We can help you with that.


Get ahead of the game with our ready-made software-as-a-service solutions designed for the money transfer, remittance, and crypto exchange industry. Our services include payment processing, licensing, and fraud management – all designed to provide a higher ROI for your business.

Fintech & Startups.

As a financial technology or fintech startup, you face some of the most difficult obstacles in the industry. But don’t worry – we’ve got solutions for businesses like yours. Our financial services marketplace encompasses a wide range of solutions, and we can customize fintech solutions to suit your exact requirements.

Online Learning & Awareness Training.

We value education and aim to provide people with the knowledge to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors. From free YouTube videos on starting a money transfer business to new courses, we’ve got you covered.

Country-Specific Solutions.

From money transfer setup for Nigeria and Somalia to e-wallets for Latin America and Africa, we cover it all. Having worked with clients across the globe, we ensure we can cater to the most advanced and sometimes difficult tasks and then deliver solutions.

Consulting & Advisory Services.

Whether you’re looking to start a money transfer business from scratch or seeking advice on your plans, we’ve got consultancy packages and solutions tailored to suit your needs.

Solution Provider.

Join our network of proven solution providers and get access to our exclusive list of clients that include various financial services businesses from small money transfer operators to large well-established cross-border remittance companies. Let us know what you offer and we will connect you with the right business!

This page was last updated on May 29, 2023.

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