Can you give me more details about payment (payout) countries?

Other than sanctioned countries, you can pretty much terminate transactions in all the other countries. Most solution providers (S/P) will NOT give carte-blanche approval to you to start in as many countries as you wish (regardless of your exposure or seniority in the industry). It is the absence of trust that will restrict, i.e. put an operating fence around the number of countries you can service. Typically, a sponsor will want to restrict you to five payout countries.

If you are able to establish trust (with a three to six month) operating history with the solution provider, then, needless to say, the S/P will happily reconsider if they see a promising performance from you, without adding risk to their overall licensing regime.

In light of knowing your options, especially when it comes to correspondent tie-ups here are a couple of options that you can consider.

Watch this video to learn about correspondent tie-ups and why they are important for payouts: What is a Correspondent Tie-up? & Why is it necessary?

All the scenarios are answered here, namely, using the service provider’s correspondent network, using your own (they must go through a qualification process), or using a tri-party correspondent tie-up.

You must already know, if you have a licensed partner on the ground in the payout country, you can use them, but they MUST have a corresponding tie-up agreement with the principal license holder in the US.

If you wish to use a single entity to then further send remittances to other countries, then this might be the best solution:

What is a Tri-Party Correspondent Tie-Up Agreement?

Tri-Party Correspondent Agreement has an additional referral fee of US$ 8,000 (one-time).

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This page was last updated on February 22, 2023.

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