Can you please explain if there is a pricing difference (lower cost) between: 1) Option to BYOBB/BYOMTO (Bring-Your-Own Beneficiary Bank / Bring Your Own MTO) 2) Manage our own FX Handling (Optional)

For the first option, yes, if you bring your own payout partner (Bank or MTO), the FX gains are yours.

May I humbly request you watch these two videos? They explain the concept of what correspondent tie-up agreements are – very well.

As far as the second option is concerned, the FX handling is absent on the US (load) side and is only applicable on the payout side. And this matters on how you have positioned it, whether you use your own payout partner or not. 

The sponsor only deals with USD.

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This page was last updated on January 18, 2023.

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