Once I sign the referral agreement, what should I expect next?

The engagement process starts with the signing of a referral agreement. We require clients to sign a referral agreement, provide background KYC information, agree to the assessment fees, and provide a refundable amount.

If you would like to proceed ahead, please provide the following:

Name of Legal Entity:
ZIP/Postal Code:

Contact Person Name (Full):

As soon as we have this information, we will forward you a correctly formatted standard referral agreement. Which after signing and the deposit, we will do an email/telephone introduction to the solution provider. You will most likely sign a non-disclosure agreement with them and then, as always, we suggest the following five activities run in parallel:

  1. Application/Due Diligence
  2. Contract Draft (so respective legal counsels can go over it)
  3. API/Technology (so that the technical staff can quickly bring themselves up to speed as to what they need to do to connect and make it happen)
  4. Commercials (i.e. the Term Sheet)
  5. The Flow of Funds (anticipated method of how you think the transactions would be occurring. This may be right or wrong, but it provides a starting point for the solution provider to work with and comment upon).

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This page was last updated on April 13, 2023.

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