Since your company only contacts, arranges, and opens the door to negotiate; is it possible to negotiate with the company willing to work with our company? What happens if an agreement is not reached on the issue of prices or for any other issue? Is the payment for your services reimbursed 100%?

It is extremely easy to come from the outset and say that we will not be competitive, etc. If that is the case, we would urge you not to proceed ahead. This solution is for those that have been in the business, have the time and commitment towards growing their business, but do not have the time and the financial resources to obtain the 50 money transmitter licenses in each state, which cost well over $2.4 Million and take almost 2 years to get. Anyone who is willing to sponsor you will do so on their terms. The prices mentioned on the website are firm and final, not only from our side but also from the solution providers’ side.

Your exposure is the non-refundable application fees. If you don’t sign up with the solution provider, your US$ 7,500 fee is refundable. All other fees are ONLY payable directly to the solution provider, should you sign up with them, at the agreed rates, etc.

Unfortunately, neither we nor the solution provider will negotiate. The whole objective is to make it less back-and-forth which is why we shared the kind of information we have shared (which NO one in the industry has put out).

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This page was last updated on February 2, 2023.

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