What is the cost breakdown for your E-Wallet services?

We have a schedule that is followed. Since you are seeking an e-wallet arrangement, then the total is US$ 28,000 for nationwide coverage. You will pay as follows:

  1. One-time Application Fees: US$ 1,500 (at the time of signing this referral agreement)
  2. For Licensing Coverage: 25% of the agreed amount upon signing of the referral agreement: i.e. US$ 7,000.
  3. Another 25% of the agreed amount due upon due-diligence completion: i.e. US$ 7,000.
  4. Balance 50% of the agreed amount due at the time of signing the contract with Solution Provider: i.e. US$ 14,000.

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This page was last updated on February 6, 2023.

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