RIA is competitively charging low fees, and the only way we could match up would be to find a payout partner with a good rate. Your solution is turnkey, which is good, but, we need visibility into the rate (assuming you will be assigning a payout partner to us) so that we could do some quick calculations before investing in your solution.

There are two methods of going about this.

  1. Use the preferred payout partner that the solution provider has.
  2. Or bring your own.

We prefer #2.

In the case of #1, the only way we will get rates is if you sign the referral contract and pay the referral fee and application fees. Only then does our team go and get the rates for you. This shows the seriousness. We get a dozen or so leads a day, most of them are just duds or fishing for information or trying to learn.

We have to talk to each solution provider, and then ask them to provide the rates and then present them to you. Follow up in the event a solution provider forgets or becomes tardy. No use going into that without a commitment from the party. The contract is based on success, so if nothing works out, you take your fee back (sans application assessment fee).

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This page was last updated on February 16, 2023.

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