Remote Bill Presentment and Payment (RBPP)

Remote Bill Presentment and Payment (RBPP) is a system in the banking and payments sector that enables customers to receive and pay bills from a remote location, typically through digital means. This concept is an evolution of traditional bill payment methods, embracing the convenience and accessibility offered by internet and mobile technologies. Here’s a detailed explanation:

What Does RBPP Mean?

  1. Definition: RBPP refers to the process where bills are presented (delivered) to customers and payments are made remotely, without the need for physical mail or in-person transactions.
  2. Remote Aspect: The term “remote” highlights the key feature of the service – the ability for users to access and handle their bills from any location, as long as they have internet access. This contrasts with traditional methods where physical presence or mail was necessary.

How Does it Work?

  1. Bill Presentment: Bills are sent to customers electronically, often through email notifications, online banking portals, or dedicated mobile apps. This includes details like the amount due, due date, and itemized charges.
  2. Payment Process: Customers can pay these bills using various online payment methods such as credit/debit cards, direct bank transfers, or digital wallets. They can usually do this via the same platform where they receive the bills.
  3. Automatic Payments: Some RBPP systems allow for the setup of automatic payments, where regular bills (like utilities) are paid automatically from the customer’s account on a specified date.

Who Uses It?

  • Service Providers: Utility companies, telecommunication firms, credit card companies, insurance providers, and other businesses that issue regular bills.
  • Consumers: Both individual consumers and businesses use RBPP to manage and pay their bills conveniently.

Types of Bills Paid

  • Utility Bills: Electricity, water, gas.
  • Telecommunications Bills: Mobile, internet, cable TV.
  • Credit Card Bills: Monthly statements.
  • Loan Repayments: Mortgage, personal, or auto loans.
  • Insurance Premiums: Regular insurance payments.

Why is it Called “Remote”?

The term “remote” emphasizes the ability to conduct these transactions without being physically present at a bank, post office, or service provider’s location. It reflects the modern trend of managing financial tasks from anywhere, leveraging internet connectivity.


  • Online Utility Bill Payment: A customer receives an email from their electricity provider with a link to view and pay their monthly bill online.
  • Mobile App Insurance Premium Payment: An individual uses their insurance company’s mobile app to view and pay their car insurance premium.
  • Automatic Mortgage Payments: A homeowner sets up automatic monthly payments for their mortgage through their bank’s online banking portal.

RBPP systems are a vital part of modern financial services, offering convenience, efficiency, and improved access to banking and payment services for customers. This system fits well into the digital-first approach that many consumers and businesses are adopting in managing their finances.

This page was last updated on December 10, 2023.

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