Are You A Small Independent Money Transfer Operator That Is Struggling?

Are You A Small Independent Money Transfer Operator That Is Struggling?

The world has over 5,000+ small independent money transfer operators. Each year, more and more of them, question themselves as to where they are heading in light of diminishing margins, more stringent requirements to operate a money transfer business, rising compliance costs and stiff competition from the neo players with seemingly unlimited deep pockets. In such a world, how does one even possibly compete?

If you are such one such MTO, then this short video is for you.


Are you a small money transfer business in the United States? Do you have an MTL license or money transmitter license in one state or two states or four states? Are you struggling with banking? Are you struggling with markets? Are you struggling with technology, are you struggling with prefunding, are you struggling to find more business? Are you even struggling to find.. Extend, how to extend your network and basically are thinking about shutting down or how to go about it?

Well, you know, this is, these are questions that almost every small money transfer operator in the world asks themselves and this is why we would like to come into the picture and introduce ourselves – because we can help you.

We can help you get access to better technology. We can help you get access to better payment systems and payment networks and payment processors. We can help you get access to banking. We can help you tie into one API or two APIs or a couple of APIs and have access to a world of network delivery.

We can offer crypto and non-crypto delivery, we can offer a hybrid delivery, we can offer real-time prefunding in the markets you want to move in, we can provide really, really good rates for KYC and AML software because we have global contracts that are able to bring the price down. And more importantly, we are able to offer you coverage in states and in countries where you are not present, where you don’t have access.

So if you’re based in Florida and you would like to get transactions from California. Boom. We can help you out. If you’re in California, you don’t have Texas. Boom! We can help you out. This is the kind of alliances and leveraging that we are best known for.

So if you are a money transfer operator that is struggling, that is thinking how to get breakthrough these, what is tying you down, you probably want to get in touch with us and have a call. It will not cost you anything. You know, there’s a contact form in the description below, fill it out, reference this video, tell us, we will schedule a call and see how we can help you out. Till next time, have a good one.

This page was last updated on September 1, 2022.

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