How Do You Start A Money Transfer Business In The United States?

Ever wanted to start a Money Transfer Business in the United States? You may have spent time in learning that in the US you require money transmitter licenses? But how does on get started?

Watch this short video to explain how.

You can also watch the entire How To Start A Money Transfer Business video series here


Hello. My name is Faisal Khan. I am a banking and a payment consultant. Have you ever wanted to start a money transfer service? You are perhaps living in Pakistan, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Philippines and you are thinking okay I’m good in programming. I have a software, I know how APIs work, I’m excellent in marketing. Or maybe, you know, you and your friends want to start a new business and you want to get into the money transfer business. And then you start reading about the United States as the largest market, but you need money transmitter licenses.

So how do you possibly get into a market where you don’t have money transmitter licenses which are very expensive to get, where you probably don’t have physical access to the market itself and now, but yet you want to start that business?

The days of the Internet are very powerful and right now today everyone’s trying to make it, bring apps, bring marketing, do internet marketing, do digital marketing, social media marketing and sign up customers. But how do you possibly start a business in the US for money transfer services if you’re not there, if you don’t have a license?

Well that is why I am we do link to a video down below why I started what is called Remittance as a service. Just like you have SaaS, software as a service, this is remittances as a service or money transfer as a service. I have a complete video series that explains all the various complexities of the business one by one by one.

I urge you to please go through them before you call me up. But if you are looking at getting into the money transfer service business on a white label program as a service, as a let’s say, remittance as a service and the videos series mentioned below is a good one to watch. And then I would also direct you on how to contact me.

If you have any more questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below, I’ll be happy to answer. Till next time, have a good one.

This page was last updated on September 1, 2022.

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