Crypto Analysis Tools and Sanctions Screening

The following is the suggested pricing from a third-party vendor for crypto analysis tools and sanctions screening, including the travel-rule.

We require all crypto-related projects to subscribe to a crypto-analysis tool and sanctions screening + travel rule implementation.

Monthly License Fee1,500 €5,000 €On request
Additional User Fee (per month)250 €250 €On request
Investigation Tool (per month)1,000 €IncludedIncluded
Included Authorised Users2515
Solution Provider’s Supported BlockchainsYesYesYes
Transactions Allowed per MonthNo limitNo limitNo limit
Core ModulesYesYesYes
Customizable Risk ScoringYesYesYes
Customizable Risk IndicatorsYesYesYes
KYT and KYA Export ModuleYesYesYes
Address Monitoring Alert ModuleYesYesYes
Full Graphical Interface ModuleYesYesYes
Optional Modules
Reports ModuleUp to 50 per monthUp to 350 per monthNo limit
Full API InterconnectYesYesYes
Case ManagerYesYesYes
VASPs Directory500 € per monthYesYes
List Management ModuleUp to 10Up to 100No limit
Third-party Integration500 € per monthIncludedIncluded
Email / Chat SupportYesYesYes
Response Times1 Business day4 Business hours4 Business hours
Slack Connect ChannelNo AccessYesYes
24/7 SLANo Access500 € per monthYes
Knowledge Support
Knowledge databaseYesYesYes
Scorechain Academy CertificationYesYesYes
Quarterly Q&A Sessions150 € per monthYesYes
2-hour Online Onboarding Training1,000 €YesYes

This page was last updated on October 12, 2023.

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