What is Europe’s Electronic Money Directive or EMD?

The Electronic Money Directive (EMD) is a piece of European Union (EU) legislation that sets out the regulatory framework for electronic money (e-money) in the EU. The EMD applies to all financial institutions that are authorized to issue e-money in…

Main Requirements for SEMI License UK

Faisal Khan LLC - Main Requirements for SEMI License UK.

The main requirements that make an entity eligible to apply for a SEMI License are the following: Required Documentation To apply for an S-EMI License you must submit all the following required documents:

EMI Sponsorship

Faisal Khan LLC - EMI Sponsorship

The European EMI License Sponsorship, allows you to essentially (for lack of a better word), rent-a-license or in the professional jargon, it is called, getting sponsored by the principal license holder (PLH). Many startups have no idea of the options…

Delegate Status Comparison Table

Faisal Khan LLC - Delegate Status Comparison Table.

Ever wondered what is the difference between an Authorized Delegate to an Electronic Money Distributor, or a Registered Agent? The table below outlines the differences between the three classifications. Please note this table is valid for the European EMI licensing…

Electronic Money Distributor (EMD)

Faisal Khan LLC - Electronic Money Distributor (EMD)

An Electronic Money Institution (EMI) is a financial institution that is authorized to issue electronic money (also known as e-money) and provide payment services. E-money is a digital representation of monetary value that is issued on behalf of a natural…