Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS): Enterprise Plan

The information on this page is outdated, inaccurate, and no longer offered. Please refrain from using it.

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The following table below does not represent the full and final price. This is an indicative price of what can be expected. The table also does not contain our referral fees.

Our one-time referral fee of US$ 14,000 (success-based) and a one-time application fee (non-refundable) of US$ 1,500.

Please refer to this page for Correspondent Tie-Up & Tri-Party Correspondent Tie-Up Agreement pricing.


  1. The Platform Implementation fee is subject to change if additional third-party DD, additional payer agreement & any integration with the Solution Provider is required. 
  2. The monthly fee shall cover the number of approved payout corridors that the client has agreed to.
  3. You shall be solely liable for all chargebacks and returns.
  4. Other fees:
S.NDescriptionAmount (USD)
1ACH Return$10.00
2Card Failure and Chargeback$25.00
3Card Processing Delete$1.00
4Wire Return$70.00
5Proof of Authorization Request (from RDFI or to ODFI)$10.00
7International MT103 Request$3.00
  1. The above fees do not include additional verification such as but are not limited to the following.
    • Phone verification via text
    • Facial Recognition
    • ID and Face match
    • Enhanced user’s bank account due diligence
    • User’s income verification
  1. The above prices are exclusive of any taxes.
  2. All other terms of the service shall be included in the Program Partner Agreement and Specification Sheet.
  3. The billing date for the monthly fee shall not exceed the 45th day from the Agreement’s Effective date. The billing start date requirement shall be waived for an additional implementation fee of $7,500.

This page was last updated on February 5, 2024.

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