Correspondent & Tri-Party Correspondent Tie-Up Agreements

Correspondent Tie-Up Agreement & Tri-Party Correspondent Tie-Up Agreement.  

The movement of money across borders between non-banking financial institutions, or even when a single non-banking financial institution is involved, is determined via a Correspondent Tie-Up agreement.  

If you don’t know what a tri-party correspondent tie-up is, may we request you watch these two videos? They explain the concept of what correspondent tie-up agreements are – very well.  

Tri-party correspondent agreement would be US$ 12,500 (one-time) 

(a) The tri-party correspondent agreement price would be 50% upon signing of the contract 

(b) Balance 50% at the time of due diligence mid-completion.  

This page was last updated on January 25, 2023.

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