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  • Advice on business models and shareholding structures
  • Pre-licensing approvals
  • PI (incl. AIS and PIS) and EMI licenses
  • Special purpose bank and bank licenses
  • Crowdfunding, P2P lending, and other licenses
  • Close cooperation with regulatory authorities


  • Mergers and acquisitions of financial institutions
  • Investments into FinTech companies
  • Financing of FinTech companies, including through debt securities analysis


  • Outsourcing, agency, cooperation, and other arrangements
  • Card schemes arrangements
  • Safeguarding, capital adequacy, and other requirements
  • Preparing all legal policies and procedures
  • General regulatory advice


  • Gap analysis of EU and local AML/KYC regulation
  • Setting up AML/KYC structures
  • Preparing AML/KYC policies and procedures
  • Annual / one-time AML/KYC audits

This page was last updated on June 6, 2023.

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