Selling your License

If you are considering selling your money services business (MSB) license, it is important to understand what buyers may be looking for when evaluating the purchase. There are a number of factors that buyers may consider, including the regulatory environment, market demand, reputation, compliance history, transferability, ongoing costs, and potential risks. In order to maximize the value of your license and attract potential buyers, it is important to be aware of these key considerations and ensure that your license meets the standards that buyers may be looking for.

Regulatory Environment

The regulatory environment for money service businesses varies from state to state and country to country. It is essential to understand the local and national laws and regulations that govern money service businesses and how they may impact your ability to sell your license. Make sure that you understand any licensing requirements and registration procedures that may be necessary in order to facilitate the sale of your license.

Market Demand

It is also essential to research the market for potential buyers and assess the demand for your particular type of money service business license. There may be other existing licenses in the marketplace that could compete with yours, so it is important to understand what buyers are looking for in order to maximize the value of your license.


The reputation of your company as it relates to money service businesses will have an impact on the value of your license. Prospective buyers will want to know how reliable and trustworthy you are as a provider of financial services, so it is important to maintain a good reputation in order to maximize the value of your license.

Compliance History

It is essential that you are up-to-date on all compliance requirements in order to have a successful sale. Be sure to review any applicable laws and regulations, as well as industry standards, to ensure that your company is in compliance with all relevant requirements. This will help to ensure that the sale of your license goes smoothly and without any unexpected complications.


You need to be aware of any restrictions or limitations related to the transferability of your license. Some licenses may only be transferable within certain geographic areas or with certain types of buyers, so it is important to understand these restrictions in order to ensure that you are able to successfully complete the sale of your license.

Ongoing Costs

Be mindful of any ongoing costs associated with the license in order to properly assess its value. These may include fees for registration, renewal, or maintenance, as well as ongoing costs related to compliance with laws and regulations. Understanding these costs will help you determine an appropriate price for your license when negotiating with potential buyers.

Potential Risks

It is also important to assess any potential risks related to selling a money service business license and take steps to minimize them. These may include risks related to fraud or other criminal activities, which could potentially result in legal or financial repercussions for the seller. Understanding these risks and taking appropriate steps to mitigate them can help ensure a successful sale of your license.

Access To Banking

Having access to banking is critical for any money service business, so make sure you understand how this will be impacted by the sale of your license. It is important to identify any potential obstacles or challenges related to maintaining banking access after the sale and take steps to address them prior to completing the transaction.

Legal And Financial Advice

It is strongly recommended that you seek legal and financial advice before engaging in any sale transaction. This will help you understand any potential risks or liabilities associated with selling a money service business license, as well as how best to structure the sale in order to maximize its value. Having access to experienced advisors can make all the difference when it comes time to negotiate with potential buyers.


Selling a money service business license can be a complex process, but there are many factors that must be considered before taking this step. It is important to understand the regulatory environment, assess market demand, evaluate reputation, ensure compliance history, consider transferability and ongoing costs, minimize potential risks, maintain access to banking, and seek legal and financial advice before engaging in any sale transaction. With all these considerations taken into account, it will be much easier for you as a business owner looking to sell your money service business license to make an informed decision about how best to proceed with such a sale.

This page was last updated on June 13, 2023.

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