Can you rent a Money Transmitter License?

Are you even allowed to rent a money transmitter license?

A question I get often is if one can ‘rent’ a money transmitter license? The answer is essentially yes, but comes with a caveat. I did a short video on this as well:

Can I Rent Or Lease A Money Transmitter License?

First of all, here is what the Money Transmitter License Application Process looks like (see next paragraph). You’re not actually getting a money transmitter license, but rather umbrella coverage for the license in the US with my partners. I can do this for Canada, UK, Europe/EU (all countries) and Australia as well. Simply put, a white-label solution, or in alternative legal speak: You’re renting a license.

This process (as described below) is true for all sorts of services I provide. Whether it is access to banking, payment processing, licensing in other territories, the process is the same:

Data drives decisions. I’ve said this many times, if you’re designing some product, you need to be acutely aware of the problem you are trying to solve. This is something that most entrepreneurs don’t take seriously enough. There is a method to this madness. I’ve written a detailed answer here( approximately ~ 19 minutes read):

If you are already a small MTO (Money Transfer Operator) or equivalent and are finding it hard to struggle, this might be an excellent article for you to read (it is a long read, ~ about 23 minutes):

Once you have filled out the application (Please go to this link and fill out this form: I run it through a pre-screening process with the various service providers I work with. Most of the time, the response is usually encouraging. There is a decent chance that I can provide you with a solution provider who would be able to fulfill your needs. In order to proceed, please note, I require clients to sign a referral agreement.

This is what my charges are (the applicable rate for say a money transmitter license coverage project is $20,000 per region, the USA for example)

This is how I charge (you will have to send a refundable deposit):

This is how much the licensing coverage would cost you from the provider, (these are estimates), you will be dealing directly with the provider and negotiating with them (EU charges vary):

All this information can be found at (which I am sure you must have already read through):

Some basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are answered here:

To learn How to Start a Money Transfer Business, I highly recommend you look at these videos:

This page was last updated on January 16, 2023.